The Firefly Beach Lighthouse


In my latest novel Summer at Firefly Beach, I wrote in a lighthouse on the property. Because who wouldn’t want to own a sprawling cottage on the shores of the gulf coast with its own lighthouse? Here are my favorite lighthouses that served as inspiration; these are both in North Carolina. Below you'll find a sneaky peek at that part of the story:

They’d named the cottage Starlight because of the lighthouse that sat on its own private peninsula, jutting out into the sea, behind the main building of the Eubanks’ expansive property. For years, the lighthouse illuminated the water with a breadth of nearly twenty miles, assisting the usually dazzling stars when cloud cover hid them. With the increased use of electronic navigational systems, it wasn’t a working lighthouse anymore, but Aunt Clara had always maintained it, and on Christmas, she lit it. She said that, on that night in particular, she wanted just one more opportunity to get sailors home to their families where they belonged. Hallie used to play in its echoing staircase, facing the gulf, pretending she was alone, shipwrecked on a deserted island. The lighthouse seemed isolated now, abandoned and showing wear like the main house, giving her an eerie feeling that her childhood musings had foreshadowed future events. It made her shiver.

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Jenny Hale