Summertime Berries 'n Cream


Nothing says summertime to me more than fresh fruit and vegetables! And with the kiddos home for summer, there will plenty of chances to get that healthy food into their little growing bodies. One quick way is to make a summertime berries ‘n cream treat. I layered fresh berries from our famers market (an excellent day trip for the kids) and almond milk whipped cream. You can substitute regular whipped cream or coconut milk whipped cream to change up the flavors just slightly. Other alternatives are yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

If you want to get even fancier, bake some apples in butter and cinnamon and then layer with crushed graham cracker and banana pudding for a warm dessert after those long days at the pool.

Whatever you layer, fresh fruit will give the kids great memories of summer and an alternative to the average ice cream cone!

Jenny Hale