DIY Beachy Lanterns


When my editor sent me the cover of my upcoming novel Summer at Firefly Beach, I was blown away by it. I could probably write an entire story just from that dock and what it might have seen over the years. There is something so romantic and summery about lanterns and candles… I set out to recreate a quick version that even the busiest mom could do on a budget. Here’s how to bring the beach to you for under five bucks:

You’ll need a few stemless wine glasses. You might have some sitting around (if they aren’t full of wine), but if not, you can pick them up for a dollar at your local discount store. (That’s where I got mine—the dollar store.) Once you have the glassware, you’ll only need 4 more things: craft sand, seashells or driftwood, twine, and tea light candles. All of those can be found at the craft store, but I found them all at the dollar store, so for a buck a piece, I got all five things, and even had enough left over to make two more!

Begin with your glass and the twine. What I love about beach style is that it’s perfectly imperfect. You’re not looking for perfection here. You’ll want a laid back feel, so don’t try to get symmetrical lines. Wrap the twine loosely around the glass. Once you have it wrapped a few times, knot it and cut the loose ends. Then slip it down the glass until it fits tightly.

Drop a few seashells or driftwood into the glass and then fill halfway with sand.

Set a tea light candle in the center and there you go! (Do be careful that you don’t have anything near the flame. You’ll want a wide space between any driftwood and the tea light; never leave unattended. Also be super mindful touching it while lit, as the glass can get hot.)

Now you’re ready to light your candle, sit back, and read a good beach read! I’ve got plenty over on the “books” section of my website! My latest, Summer at Firefly Beach is available June 17th, but you can preorder it right now! Happy reading!

Jenny Hale