Summer Scents


The bookshops are full of summer reading at the moment—loads of books set in tropical locations: sandy beaches, refreshing poolsides, and old country inns. Let’s face it, after work, squeezing in a few more pages while standing at your kitchen sink as dinner cooks on the stove, you may have thought to yourself how nice it would be if you could just jump into the setting of your book. While I can’t fill your floors with sand, I do have an idea that can bring the citrusy smell of a summer porch and the ambiance of a candlelight dinner right to your homes! It’s super easy! Directions below:

Fill a mason jar with slices of lemon or lime and add herbs of your choice. (I used lemon and cilantro.)

Leave just a bit of room in the jar and then add water to the top until your spices and fruit are floating. Gently, add a small tea light candle to float on top. As the candle wax heats up, and the water warms underneath, your room will smell of summer, setting the perfect mood for reading that next beach read.

Happy reading! (If you’re looking for a book to get you in to the summer mood, my latest Summer at Firefly Beach is on preorder and it will land on your Kindles June 17th. You can find it on my books tab.)

*Never leave candles unattended; burn with caution

Jenny Hale