Maintenance Free Summer Wildflowers


I have to admit something: most of the plants in my home are artificial. I have no time to water flowers, yet I want them to remain in pristine condition. Let’s face it, when we get a moment of free time, we’d rather be reading, yes? But we still love the look of flowers. I’ve got the solution for you right here! Follow these tips for the perfect summer flowers:

  1. The smaller the petals and leaves, the better your chance at having a bouquet that looks real.

  2. I love the look of those southern wildflowers, so I hunted around at my local craft store for tiny buds that had the colors to match the area I was decorating.

  3. No need to find wire cutters to make the stems the correct size. Just bend them and tuck them into the center of the arrangement. (Photo below)

  4. Simple flowers need a simple vase. A mason jar works perfectly. Wrap a large burlap ribbon around it to hide your “stems.” Fold the cut end of the ribbon and secure it with a paperclip so you can keep it in place while you tie a small bow with twine to hold it all together. Then remove the paperclip. (Photo below)

That’s it! No watering or maintenance of any kind. Just curl up beside it and read your favorite summer read. If you need one, head over to the books tab right here on my website. Happy reading!

Jenny Hale