How to Pack a Beach Bag Like a Mom Ninja


Ninjas are known for their irregular warfare. And so are mothers. We have to be ready for anything that comes our way, and with children, literally “anything” is the accurate word!


The beach. Ah, those long, lazy days, swaying in a hammock, a cocktail in our hand, the salty breeze blowing over our sun-warmed skin… That was nice. Now let’s get real: I’m talking hot sand, sweaty T-shirts, umbrellas blowing down the beach before you can get them anchored down, children dancing on the five-hundred-step boardwalk leading over the dune because they have to pee. That.


Moms, our beach days are full of memory-building hours of fun with our kiddos, but sometimes we need the hammock. While this list might not keep your umbrella anchored, hopefully, after your many hours of beach games with the munchkins, it will get you into your beach chair a little faster, so you can crack open that book, breathe in the briny air, and relax.


Here’s what you need to be a Mom Ninja:


1.     Towel

We all know to bring a beach towel, but fold a hand towel and place it into a large freezer zip bag. That way, when your little one gets saltwater in his or her eyes, you have a non-sandy go-to for their comfort.

2.     Cash

There’s nothing worse than getting to a new beach location, filling your arms with all your beach paraphernalia, and then noticing that ice cream stand that you have to pass by to get to the shore. Buy the ice cream. For your child—hey, it’s vacation; indulge—and yourself. Set your things down, take it slow, sit on the curb, and take in that moment. You’ll probably need the calm before a day in the surf.

3.     Bandages and ointment

Throw a few things in your bag for those unexpected seashells your little one might walk over out there in the big blue ocean. When they come running up to you with their booboo, you’ll have just what they need. Sometimes, bandages seem to fix everything.

4.     Hand Wipes

If you’ve got a sand-Donatello on your hands, chances are, when he or she gets hungry, you’ll be dealing with sandy fingers! Keep a bucket of ocean water near the snacks, rinse, and then use a hand wipe to get their little sandwich-grabbers all clean.

5.     Hydration

Sun lotion, lip balm, and water are super important to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy. When you feel good, you’ll be on your a-game as a mom ninja.

6.     Sun Protection

Definitely bring your visor and sunglasses so that when you finally get a chance to sit down, the pages of your book don’t blind you.

7.     That brings us to the best part: Book!

You want relaxation to its fullest, so while the kiddos are building sandcastles, you can sit under the shade of that umbrella you’ve finally anchored, open a cold beverage from the cooler, and lose yourself in your favorite beach read. If you need help finding one, just head over to my “books” tab and you’ll have more than you’ll need.

Jenny Hale