Happy 4th of July, y'all!


As you know, when summer finally hits, my brain goes straight to the beach! Every one of my summer novels is set along the coast, because there’s nothing better than that salty, laid-back vibe. This 4th of July, if you’d like to bring a little coast to your home, I’ve got a quick American flag that will do the trick!. Directions below:

  1. Most craft stores will have small wooden hanging plaques. You’ll need one as well as a bag of small white shells, a starfish (or seashell of your choice), school glue, and gray and white acrylic paints.

  2. Begin by taping off your square for the starfish. Then alternate between gray and white paint. I went back and darkened my colors, but for a more rustic feel, you can “whitewash” the paint on like the photo below.

  3. Once your paint is dry, add glue just to keep the seashells from moving around on you.

  4. Place your shells. Then add more glue around them to hold them in place. Lastly, glue on your starfish.

  5. Let it dry and your’e done!

Jenny Hale